Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Instagram Halifax

Found some instagram pictures from 2012 post ...
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Here are some pics of things I see frequently.
The image above is a door on Barrington Street in a building that is about to be demolished soon next to where I have my studio. Such cool graffiti. 
Below is another view of Barrington St. near my studio.
One of my morning  views at Point Pleasant Park
Standing outside the Burrito shop looking towards Barrington Street
One of the workers outside my studio window!
View from coffee shop Just Us looking to Barrington as I wait to be served. *note* This is now Bar Stillwell
The burrito shop
Another early morning at the park where I walk
I'm on the corner, second floor from the top:)
One of my views...looking east.
Early morning view from the Halifax Seaport Farmers Market, Georges Island.


Cathy Olliffe-Webster said...

Oh Shelagh, your photos are STUNNING. I'm really loving what people come up with using Instagram but you know what? Not everyone can use it the way you do, with your eye for composition, detail and colour. Gorgeous....
I especially love the worker dude on the window ledge and the girl in the restaurant and also the graffitti on the door – that's my fave, actually. OK, ok, ok, so I just plain love 'em all!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

The last time I was in Halifax -- for a conference -- I went to Venus Envy with a couple of my coworkers. I bought a chocolate vulva on a stick. What can I say? They were selling them!

Laurita said...

Those are some gorgeous snaps. I love Halifax. You really capture the colour and life of the city.

Introverted Art said...

Amazing shots. The one of the construction worker is superb.

mommalibrarian said...

I was certain the door picture was a painting - you had changed your style. It is fabulous! Great composition on your part. Great composite artistry on the parts on many others.

Prairie Jill said...

Oh, these are great! I love playing with apps on my phone - there are so many great free ones. Makes me wonder why I bother with Photoshop!

It's even more fun for me to see your pictures after being in Halifax ... goodness, was it already a month ago?! I wish I could stop by the market and visit with you again!