Sunday, March 2, 2014

It's March!

Hello! It's March......finally.....came in like a cold and frosty lion and hopefully will leave like a happy dancing lamb! I am so tired of the cold but really, it's almost over so hey, use this time to enjoy the last of woolly socks, good warm soups, engrossing books and TV. Hibernation is almost over! Speaking of TV, the Oscars are on tonight! I've hardly seen any of the films this year. Did see Gravity which I LOVED and was mesmerized by. Ha ha, here's a funny joke by Tina Fey about that movie, "George Clooney would rather drift off into space and die rather than spend one more minute with a woman the same age as himself." Oh well....hehe.
 Here is a WONDERFUL list of old movies for you to peruse from one of my fave authors and artists, Susan Branch. Lots of great goodies in there. Perfect for watching with a big bowl of popcorn and a cozy throw wrapped around yourself.
 March is the month for cutting forsythia stalks, bringing them inside and watching them bloom early. Such a spirit lifter! This is the month I start starving for colour. March is also the beginning of maple syrup production! Yay. Lots of festivals around Nova Scotia. Here's the list!  My fave has always been Earltown! about 1.5 hours from Halifax. Fiddle music and pancakes in a tiny one room schoolhouse! Heaven. Two other perfect reasons are the Earltown General Store and Sugar Moon Farm to watch syrup making in action!  Here is Alicia Putnam and her dad.
Another March thing is rocks....not sure why but some of the sand beaches in Nova Scotia switch from sand to rock in the winter and then back again as the summer comes.
Also with the end of Winter comes this..... hehe. Have a great week!


Sandy's witterings said...

The lost mitten box is a great idea - quite often on my wanders, I see a lost mitten or a glove stuck on a fence of gate awaiting the owners return.

leendadll said...

lol at the mittens!!

i had a fun film day yesterday, one of the retro tv stations was playing "beach blanket bingo" and the like all day & night. I saw a LOT of Frankie, Annette, and Fabian!

Unknown said...

Wonderful pictures! The beach stones and brick archway are wonderful. Thanks for sharing