Monday, September 1, 2014

Big Day Downtown Halifax 2014 part 1

It's that time of year again! The Big Day Downtown event, sponsored by the Downtown Halifax Business Commission. A group of bloggers are given a prepaid Visa card and asked to go out and explore the downtown core and then share our experiences. This year it was people's choice and I visited places based on recommendations :) This city has a lot to offer! First stop was Trident Cafe and Bookstore at 1256 Hollis Street.
 I loved it here! Used books and coffee:)
 It is the little touches...
Trident cafe roasts their own coffee in a 900 pound coffee roaster from Germany called Lola.

 There's a little room in the back where you can bag your own roasted beans to take home as well as a few more tables where you can sit, have a quiet brew and enjoy free wifi.
Lots of character in this little spot. I loved it!

Next up is a tiny restaurant called Shiraz. It is right next door to Trident at 1240 Hollis Street. I've seen it many times but never really paid much attention to it.
Shiraz is located in a former taxi dispatcher hut and is as tiny as it gets:) Open from 11am to 9pm 7 days a week. Dishing up Halal Persian food. I had just had a coffee next door so was not able to try anything. I did purchase a veggie samosa that I took home and it was yummy.
I did speak to a chap eating a delicious looking curry and asked him if he was enjoying his meal. He responded enthusiastically that it was very good and he eats here at least 3 times a week! I also saw a couple of people drop by for takeout while I was there.
This tiny little place is run by a husband and wife team who are very friendly and want to make you feel at home.I will definitely be coming back to have a proper meal!
Halifax is full of character and there are loads of places to try. I've yet to eat at Stories restaurant in the Halliburton House Inn, a gorgeous historic boutique hotel. Another place to put on my list!
 I've been to Drala before but it was suggested to me so I thought I would pop in again.
 The words on the door ring true! It is a gorgeous gift store on Grafton Street.
Full of delightful things for the home and spirit.
A Tibetan word, "drala" means "without aggression". When you invoke drala, you begin to experience basic goodness reflected everywhere - in yourself, in others, and in the entire world.

  Just about everything in the shop I wanted to take home at least one of!
You would be hard pressed not to find a gift for someone in here.They really have something for everyone. I purchased the purple and blue scarf! Now I have to decide whether to give it away or keep it:)

This is a flowering tea. Isn't it wonderful? It comes as a dried ball of leaves but pop it into a teapot and watch it unfurl into something beautiful.

To be continued:) 
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