Monday, October 12, 2009

Thanksgiving Monday

This is one of the benches that sits alongside the heart-shaped pond.......Julie's Pond in Hemlock Ravine. This one is at the top of the heart. Today is exactly the same kind of day you see in this picture. A perfect sunny crisp, autumn one. It is a holiday here, Canadian Thanksgiving and the day is wide open for adventure!

I have a crockpot of turkey being simmered into submission for later use as soup. Not sure if I will make it today because I have lots of other things I'd much rather do but it would be nice to have it on hand. Yesterday I had a start at getting the garden and yard ready for winter. Good feeling to see it cleaned up a bit but sad because we are getting ready for the long hibernation. I dumped all the tomato pot contents into the compost, back and forth carrying and dumping and pulling out the wire cages. Shaking them and spreading the soil. We had a great tomato crop this year, I have lots still and many green ones to contend with but after a plea on twitter, got some great ideas for them.

Might take a drive up to the Valley today. Might not. Don't really know how I am going to spend this wonderful day!


Diane said...

Wonderful blog! Enjoy your posts and your pics and art, and plan to come by often.
We seem to share a love for similar things... come by and check out my blog

Shell said...

Beautiful pictures! Happy Thanksgiving to you! Enjoy your day....I love the picture of the apples.

I have a lot of photography on my blog as well. It's about my travels, with the photos I take on those trips!

Mickey Johnson said...

...happy thanksgiving and enjoy such a gorgeous day. i have a batch of turkey tortilla soup in the crock as i type. xo, mickey

Peg said...

Happy Thanksgiving!
I grew up in Dartmouth and know Julie's Pond. I am now living on Vancouver Island, but I do miss the fall colour of the East!
I lived in the Valley for a few years and it is beautiful, but oh the winters!!
I am enjoying your blog and you wonderful photos.
Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Happy thanksgiving! and my son would love a bushel of those pears... for some reason good ones are in short supply around here. And as for Mickey.. I must ask her for that turkey tortilla soup!

Kathy said...

I am so glad that Irv does the gardening. I love what grows in the garden, but would hate the end of the year chores.

I just camp out in my little workshop while poor Irv is out there toiling away...he actually loves it! Anything he can find to do that keeps him outside makes him happy!

Hope you did some fun things today!

Anne said...

Happy Thanksgiving. Hope you went to the valley. I look forward to the pictures - such a beautiful day.

Loth said...

Oh how I would love to be able to just decide to drive up to the valley! Hope you went in my stead and had a lovely day.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Harvest blessings to you and your family, Shelagh!

Leah/ Texas/ United States said...

great photo of apples!! they almost look like pears, or that fruit that is the mix between apples and pears. anyway beautiful color and light!