Saturday, December 19, 2009

let it snow

Love this picture! It is a print in my shop called Winter Bunnies. Notice the snowman:)

I am weary right now, late night, early morning and lots of good stuff in between! Our pancake breakfast was another success:) I just wanted to log on and thank everybody who came! It is always a fun event but..... smiling, talking, cooking, tidying and enjoying everybody makes one sleepy by the time 3pm rolls around. Dare I take a nap? After all it is Saturday. I am not a napper by nature but I might just pop into bed with The Scarpetta Factor, P. Cornwell's latest book and a cup of Tazo Chai. mmmm.

Finally got our tree up and it looks warm and festive with it's twinkly lights and decoration. Now if I could only get to my Christmas cards! Maybe I'll do them tomorrow as the snow falls.

Now that the Pancake Breakfast is over, I am focusing on this wee draw. Please think about donating:) I will keep this here on my blog until Dec 30th. BustaMove BIG PRIZE DRAW For $10 you can help purchase a digital mammogram machine & be entered in our fabulous draw. Help make the boobs of Nova Scotian women merry! Prizes are continuing to be added:) Latest is a CD by Shannon Quinn! Winner takes all. Great odds! Thanks to those who have purchased:)

December Views


Kathy said...

Such a darling painting! I think the book and chai sound really good right now. Have a great rest of the weekend!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Your bunnies rock!

Karen said...

Love the sky in this one...