Monday, February 7, 2011

a bit of calm

Pretty in pink.
I finally feel like I can relax for a bit. Friday was prepping, Sat was audition, Sunday was market and today was a root canal. Ouch.

Root canals, one of the modern perils of dental fillings.
I asked if there was anything to be done to prevent a nerve from getting inflamed and decaying. Sadly no there isn't. If one has fillings, one is prone to eventual root canals. The nerve gets weakened from the trauma to the tooth and if your fillings are older, chances are they've been replaced or repaired and voila, trouble down the road:( Most young people have no fillings. Yay.!

Anyway......not the most pleasant way to spend and afternoon and the previous week was spent trying not to think about it.

This is something important I came across today. Worth reading and acting on if you are a Canadian, must be done before tomorrow . I sent my email in.


Patrice said...

gorgeous photo!

Karen said...

what a beautiful sky.. from colors right off your pallet, it seems!

Ask me how much I hate root canals. And the terror that precedes them. Ugh.

Sara said...

Makes me thankful I have no fillings! Hope you heal fast & feel better soon.

leendadll said...

I can't swear to this (because I have no experience) but the aqua laser (one brand name might be BioLase) is supposed to result in PAINLESS dental drilling, even for root canals.

I've had 3? 4? 100? I dunno... way more than I care to have had.

Hope you have no post pain or swelling.

Jona Panesa said...

wow this is a lovely photo. I dream of going to Paris someday. I will!

The Faustian Man said...

Wow, even a post about fillings has a beautiful picture. Your blog rocks. Sucks about the root canals.

Alice said...

I feel your pain, having had a root canal last year... anyway, glad it is over for you and that life is fun and exciting at the moment!!

Oh, and I 'finally' purchased your calendar... I can't believe I have left it so long :-( but winter on the boat has been looong and harsh and I have had other things to think about! But now Spring is in the air!!! and the 'December 2010' picture from your last year's calendar is looking out of place ;-) can't wait to receive it x