Friday, February 11, 2011

Canada Games are here

This city is hopping! The Canada Games start today. This is the Canada Games center, a new sportsplex not too far from where I live. Lots of events will be held here.

As well as tons of sports there are lots of cultural events planned as well. Free concerts every day at noon and 7 pm in the Parade Square (named Celebration Square for the duration of the Games)

Here's the line up for the evening concerts

Feb. 14 The Joel Plaskett Emergency
Feb. 15 Sloan with special guest Grand Dérangement
Feb. 16 Hey Rosetta! with special guest The Novaks
Feb. 17 Matt Mays with special guest Christina Martin
Feb. 18 Hawksley Workman with special guest Dutch Robinson

Feb. 19 Great Big Sea with special guest Jeremy Fisher

Feb. 22 Rawlins Cross with special guest The Divorcees
Feb. 23 Old Man Luedecke with special guest The Stanfields
Feb. 24 Buck 65 with special guest Rich Aucoin
Feb. 25 Radio Radio with special guest Three Sheet

Feb. 26 City and Colour with special guest Amelia Curran in front of City Hall.

On Feb 14th a group is hoping to have a "flash mob" dance" to one of Joel Plaskett's tunes . Learn the moves here. If it works it will be loads of fun! If it doesn't, lots of people will still be dancing and having fun!

Also.....The Halifax Seaport Market will be open every day of the Canada Games! On Sunday there will be artists from the National Artist program creating dance art and music in conjunction with the Games. I'll be there from Saturday to Wednesday for each of the weeks.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I hope the Games bring you lots of business at the Market!

leendadll said...

I approve of this flash mob - it's actually being done as a flash mob (post on the internet with no idea who will show up nor how they'll do) instead of a rehearsed group performance. YAY!

Are you going to any of the games or shows? did you already mention that in your post and my brain forgot? (I'm a bit off today)

Kerri said...

how fun! what a great place to be right now! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the video of our Flashmob! Hope to see you there!

zotta said...

Tired of those sunsets? Are you kidding me? You're amazing.

Teena in Toronto said...

Should be exciting!