Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Local Tasting Tours Halifax

Now that I have your attention.........  I want to tell you about Local Tasting Tours! A new business in town. Last week I went on the very first taste tour in Halifax and it was worth every delicious morsel! Basically, it is a 90 minute walk full of foodie stops and stories. The tour I participated in takes us along Barrington Street.

It starts at the Fish Shop at Pier 20 ( in the Halifax Seaport Market) and after a yummy repast of smoked salmon, breaded haddock tips and fries, we headed out the door. Next stop was Uncommon Grounds where we sampled seedy oatcakes and learned about buying local and the story behind their successful "uncommon" biz.
Emily Forrest, a friend of mine, is the owner and leader of Local Tasting Tours. She did a great job entertaining and informing us all along the way. There is more to the tour than I will write about here, after all I want some of it to be a surprise if you decide to enjoy it.
This tasy morsel was from Morris East where the chef came out and told us a bit about her story and food philosophy. There were about seven different things going on with that mouthful, I had it without the meat and was still delicious!
We stop in front of Government House for a wee snack of Rum Runners cake and learn the history of the place and share a few laughs at the stories told.
This tour is the perfect balance of walking eating and talking:)
We proceed along Barrington Street until we get to Ciboulette. There we had stinging nettle soup and their most wonderful signature biscuits. The chef served us herself and we discovered the serendipitous story of how she came to be there. The food eaten on this tour varies a wee bit depending on the day but it was ALL delicious and one leaves feeling very satisfied.
I recommend it! $25 per person and a fun relaxing way to spend an afternoon, meet some new people and learn a bit more about this terrific city. You book your tickets online or can call 902.818.9055


Donna Rideout said...

Wow! It all sounds so good. I've never taken a tasting tour and didn't know they were offered here in Halifax. Sounds like a great activity on which to take guests from out of town.

aliceinparis said...

~Donna,it is a fun thing to do even without guests:)

Rubye Jack said...

Plus, it sounds like you get some nice exercise. The food looks and sounds almost too good to be true. I'd spend $25 on a tour except that I live in Oklahoma. :)

leendadll said...

there's a food tour of "little Ethiopia" out here, which I'd like to try, but I never seem to be able to be able to attend.

this sounds like a wonderful adventure!

margie said...

oh shelagh, your blog always makes me wish i had a visit to halifax coming up.

susanna said...

That is a terrific idea! And for only $25?! Your friend is onto something here. I hope she along with all the participating restaurants have a successful run this summer. I think more towns and cities should adopt this program. Good idea!