Tuesday, June 26, 2012

new work

Summer Solstice is a 16 x 20 painting of Peggy's Cove I did over the weekend, the original sold right away (hooray) but I do have prints available here. The new owner got to title it !

This is the first time I have ever referenced a photo for a composition and it was a fun project. I did deviate from the snapshot, four of the buildings were all grey so I spruced them up a bit. Couldn't help myself! Will be doing more, I certainly have enough photos to choose from.

Today it is bucketing down rain, looks nothing like these two sunny pictures. I need to get some work done and days like this are perfect for that. Hopefully I can keep myself away from a new book I just started to read. Seems to be all the rage. 50 Shades of Grey.  I'm only in a chapter but I have to say, the writing is not the greatest. ......must be something else in it people find riveting. I'll let you know:)

This 8 x 10 painting below is headed to Argentina! Wee Zorro and Lady Grey:) Prints available here

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