Monday, March 7, 2016

Passion Planner....

I was sitting in one of my favourite cafes a month ago and at the table next to me was a woman sitting chatting to her partner. In front of her, open and full of intriguing slashes of colour and written words and columns and open space, and squares and lines, was a journal;  the journal/day planner of my dreams! I couldn't help myself and leaned over to ask where she had found it. I have been looking for a planner like that all my life! 
She was not offended by my interruption, in fact she beamed and handed it over as if passing a sacred object from one acolyte to another. "Yes, I understand, I know, isn't it perfect!" 
She proceeded to tell me she bought it from a Kickstarter Campaign Angela Trinidad had created so she could produce the perfect tool for living a productive, organized and creative life. Yes! It was so wildly successful that Angela began donating a free planner to someone needy for every one she sold. I went home and ordered two. One for me and one for a friend. My production road map starts today!

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