Sunday, March 13, 2016

Say Cheese!

I collect quirky old photos from junk shops and yard sales that catch my fancy. This one is a favourite of mine! Such fun. Especially the  bag lady in the back row! Heh. 
Wish I knew what year it was, where it was, who they were, what the event was.........

But that is what gives these photos some of their allure, isn't it? The mystery. The untold story. A moment captured and preserved on a piece of paper. The current of life frozen for a second and visible forever.They were all so chuffed with themselves. Well, most of them...the girl at the lower right is a bit pensive. 

We get to imagine the details. Create a story for them. 

Here are the  names listed on the back of the photo.I wonder how many of them are still alive.....did they have happy lives? 

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krista said...

I love this photo. Looks like a Halloween party? I agree though that the mystery behind old photos is so much fun.