Wednesday, May 6, 2009

new find

Fashion model in dolphin tank at Marineworld, Florida, 1939

I've just discovered a new photographer today...Toni Frissell. She was born in 1907 in New York as Antoinette but took photos under the name Toni. She worked with many famous photographers of the day, as an apprentice to Cecil Beaton, with advice from Edward Steichan. Her initial job, as a fashion photographer for Vogue in 1931, was due to Conde Montrose Nast personally. She later took photographs for the Red Cross during the war, visiting the front line and photographing all the men and women who were part of the war effort. She went on to do informal portraits. Fashion photos, even of evening gowns and such, were often notable for their outdoor settings, emphasizing active women. She was the first woman on the staff of Sports Illustrated in 1953. I am surprised that I have never heard of her. Her work is lovely! Here is a link to her Library of Congress page

Woman fishing at the tidal basin, Washington Dc. 1957. I can feel the sun and how the air feels on her feet. Love this! I imagine they had a wee chat as Toni snapped and the lady sat and fished away.

Abandoned boy with teddy, London 1945, after bombing.

Victoria Station, 1951 for Harpars Bazaar

The Kennedys 1953, Jackie's wedding:)

Also....if you are still here:) I am today's featured reader on the CBC Canada Reads... The Book Club site! Pop over and read the interview:))


ceanandjen said...

Really really amazing photographs...thank you for sharing on this Wednesday morning. A good way to start the workday. :-) xo

Jess said...

Wow! How beautiful those are!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi Shelagh!

I am back from my "Nonna trip" I already miss my little grandson so much.

Lots of wonderful links in this post and I'm off to follow them all ---thanks and congrats on being a featured reader!

Anne said...

Hi, Shelagh! Thanks for sharing this fabulous female photographer! :-)

Teresa aka Tess said...

All I can say is wow. I love reading about women that did what they loved and did it well during the era when they were expected to be married and at home with the children. I am sure she has influenced many young women to step outside of the box. (Nothing against marriage or children mind you. Just my thoughts while viewing the links.)

Mickey (Michel) Johnson said...

congratulations and lovely photos! xo, mickey

Anonymous said...

LOVE her work, never heard of her either! Thanks for mentioning!...

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Hi Shelagh! Thank you for sharing the photographs. I have seen and used some of her images in the past but I had not seen all of these. That poor little boy really pulls at the heart.

Congratulations for another spot in the limelight Ms. Famous Person! I think I will pop over and check it out! Have to keep up on my celebrity friends.

The gypsy painting below is just charming. I, too like art tucked away in every little nook and cranny. This would brighten a whole room no matter how tucked away it was!


Half-heard in the Stillness said...

Hi Shelagh, these are just wonderful! I know just what you mean that you can feel the sun on her feet! I shall be following the link.

Just to let you know that I've had to delete my blog. Someone has the address and I don't like the way it is going, so I've closed it. I do hope to still visit your lovely blog though if that's ok?
Take care,

Bear Chick said...

Wonderful photographs! Thanks for introducing me to someone new.