Thursday, June 4, 2009


Remember these wings? Created by Susanna Gordon, photographed by me:) I've taken them out again to have some fun. I love this message. "You will be okay". Something we all need to hear.
This morning I dropped my daughter off early at the local Recreation Centre. She is helping to supervise the "Kiddie Caper" graduations. Even the wee ones have their day now. I took advantage of the location and went for a lovely walk along the Northwest Arm. The water was as still as glass and some seagulls were wheeling about. Passing the yacht club I could hear the familiar tinkling sound of the metal bits and pieces clanking against the masts as the boats gently swayed. Great walk. Revved my spirit.
How lucky am I to have this glorious tree blooming just off my back deck! I love June.

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Uncommon Depth said...

Lovely shots. What kind of tree is it? I've been after something with pink blossoms like that, but the deer ate the flower plum I bought a couple years ago!

I love your comment about the metal bits clanging on the boats. I can recall that sound from time we've spent near coastal harbors.

OliveStreetStudio said...

How beautiful!!! I love June too! Although, we've been sacked with weeks of rain. :-(

I like the inspiring message - just a simple thought to bring me out of my work anxiety. :-)

Mickey (Michel) Johnson said...

indeed...we all need to hear "you will be okay" in fact quite recently for me! love the pics and i could imagine the seagulls, water and boats...thanks for letting me use my imagination for a moment! xo, mickey

Chichiboulie said...

Look at the colour of that! If that's not inspiring, I don't know what is!

madelyn said...

good morning miss alice

this photo in the blossoms of
Susanna's ethereal winged messenger
is absolute perfection

this weekend i am releasing one of
mine as i am in PA and
next week releasing one in vancouver

although i must say

they are so beautiful it will
be difficult

i signed up for your penpal
project and can't wait to begin:)

have a perfect weekend

suzi whitaker said...

Gorgeous! So lucky to live there! I used to live in Seattle, WA, and miss the water, sky, and mountain ranges! I love that sound of the boats that are docked and the clanging and splashing noises they make.

What a wonderful message! Thank you.

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Oh I needed those wings and those words this week! Thank goodness I have a dear husband and lots of blog friends that tell me those words when I need them most. Thank you for all of your lovely caring messages lately. They mean more than I can tell you.

Your walk sounds lovely - perfect, perfect, perfect. You live in heaven I think. Every time I visit your blog I swear I'm gonna come visit you in person but then I think I will never want to leave. You live in a happy place many of us only imagine and I know a lot of that has to do with appreciating, truly appreciating what is around you and taking time to notice the beautiful little gifts we could all find if we looked hard enough.

I'm off to catch up some more on everyone! I'll be back!

Jill said...

Hi Alice! (is that your name too or just your grandma's?) I just discovered your blog & so glad I did! I've always admired your paintings on ebay. What a beautiful place you live in! I was envious reading about your walk by the water & I can only imagine all the other gorgeous scenery there in Nova Scotia. I'll be checking back. Happy weekend! ~ Jill