Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Ohmmmm... My good pal Mary. We had a great time on Sunday morning taking pictures for her portfolio. She is a terrific yoga teacher and trainer. This is my 80 year old neighbor's backyard. Isn't it lovely! She leaves it until the forget-me-nots have finished blooming and then mows. A perfect backdrop. I really enjoyed myself taking the pictures, we had such fun. Lots of silliness.

I am thinking I would like to do some portfolios for people like this as a small business. It is something I really, really enjoy. Did I say really? Here she is smiling in my front garden:)

Later in the day, I went on the walk for Darfur, organized by a friend of my daughter's. It was a gorgeous day. I had a great time walking and chatting with Megan Leslie, the NDP Member of Parliament for Halifax. Learned some interesting and sad things about the situation in the Congo and innovative ways help the women there. There is much to do in this world.

Today will be a painting day. I have been neglecting my brushes.

Ongoing is my "Letter Revival Festival"(until June 14) If you like receiving interesting mail and don't mind sending a letter ...this is for you! Click on the banner to learn more:) I would be happy if you could spread the word, you can use this wee banner .


Anne said...

Hi, Shelagh! Fabulous photos for your friend! :-)

Tess said...

Oh you are so right, those forget me nots are just lovely. A perfect carpet for your friends yoga poses. I love that second pic. I blogged about the penpal blog yesterday.

daisies said...

these are fabulous photos, just beautiful :-)

Sara said...

Wonderful photos! Those forget me nots are lovely...what a great backdrop.

Lorrie Grainger Abdo said...

I think you're on to something about photographing for small businesses. These are a great start to your portfolio for that idea.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi Shelagh

I shared your Artful penpal banner on my blog post today. I wrote about Italian pastries in Brooklyn...yum...so I hope I get a lot of readers!

Do you do yoga too? Your photos are always so wonderful .., I need some help with my Nikon D60...I guess i should read the manual..lol

Kymali said...

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Sara said...

Shelagh, those photos are fab - and will be wonderful in her portfolio...

Think it would be a great little side job for you...especially with your eye for color - and settings.

The forget me nots are beautiful - and I wouldn't mow either til they disappeared..

Mickey Johnson said...

...pretty flowers and subject. i think you are onto something with the photography thing shelagh. i have always enjoyed your photography and i think others would be blessed by your gift. hope you go for it! xo, mickey

M.Kate said...

Love yoga and even better looking at your friend sitting in that pose in the amazing garden. Beautiful...I came from pat's place.

Bear Chick said...

Oh, you could definitely do photography as a side business. Those pictures are lovely! Go for it!

Tumble Fish Studio said...

I'm back - got interrupted by company. I wanted to comment on these beautiful pictures before I left your blog for today. I think this would be a great side business for you. You have such a talented vision in everything you do. I wish you could take such lovely pictures of me! These are just gorgeous and I bet your friend is thrilled!