Friday, September 25, 2009

going with the flow

One of the fountains in the Halifax Public Gardens....... don't you just love cherubs? I just looked up the meaning out of curiosity and it is "toddler angels"! Their plural is cherubim so I should have said, "Don't you just love cherubim":)

Last night's movie, Handmade Nation was fun. I recognized quite a few of the names and businesses featured. Very inspiring, makes you want to go out and make things!

I'm in the middle of Dan Brown's new book Lost Symbols. Another page turner, another movie! Actually, so far I am enjoying it. I just finished The White Queen by Phillipa Gregory ( good) and Becoming George Sand(ok) I am also in the midst of Will Storr vs The Supernatural by Will Storr but had to put it aside to get those "7 day reads" from the library done. I am really enjoying Will's book. He is a terrific British journalist and has decided to tackle the paranormal as a topic. Fun and interesting but then I absolutely love reading about things that go bump in the night.

Have a fun Friday!


Susan said...

I can the chili sauce and it is fantastic - you won't regret making it. I think it's the best condiment that I've ever made!! I throw in a handful of raisins, some orange zest and freshly grated ginger as well.

happy weekend !

susanna said...

Holy moly, you are reading alot and all at the same time!

I'll have to look up Handmade Nation online...maybe they have episodes available on the net?

Hope you are having a good weekend, Shelagh.

hatjunkie said...

Ahh, a book. What a concept. Trying so hard to find the time for a few pages a night. Love the statue. Now, I'm definitely going to check out the gardens.

nollyposh said...

Me too Shelagh X:-)
and Thanks for dropping by by bloggy X:-)

Mickey Johnson said...

...oh, i love to find someone else who reads several books at once. i have several by the bedside to which my husband asks which one am i reading and of course i say...all of them...drives him crazy! love the cherubim too...i think it should mean chubby toddler angels! xo, the way my show went great...i'm very tired and have lots of orders to fill!!! yippeee!!!!!