Monday, September 28, 2009

Lingering Summer

Sunset Garden...original available on eBay and prints available on Etsy
I've had a tiring few days and the rest of today will be spent tidying the whirlwind that has become my home and getting organized, or at least writing some lists. I love my lists:)

If you are interested in in a wee swap, Susan is putting together a list of people interested in making up a parcel to send. 15 words to guide you. You need some imagination and I think thriftyness won't go amiss. I'm in:)

Amazing Race started last night! Love that show:)


Kathy said...

Love the painting and love Amazing Race. I already dislike the girls that lied and hope they get the boot fast. Love the dad and son!

Anne said...

Hi, Shelagh! Beautiful kitty watching the sun set (or rise?) with the sailboat off in the distance! :-)

Susan said...

Hi Alice it is 15 things - each word becomes a thing. I'll try and swap us Canadians with a US partner and will post partners Wed. Glad that you're in.

laura/leendadll said...

Not sure if she needs more info from me but I just asked to join the swap. Thanks for the 411!!

Sara said...

The painting is so cute!

I love the Amazing Race - and my favorite teams right now are the two gay brothers, the father & son, and the two guys one of which has autism(?)

Alice said...

Gorgeous painting, as always. I joined the swap but just saw Susan's comment :-( I hope I get to be involved being here in England?! I would love to be swapped with someone from Canada/US :-)

silk purse said...

Hi there Shelagh!~ Love this whimsical and colourful piece of art.~ Just thought I'd pop by to see what fun you're up to these days.., I think we all love Amazing Race!

I have no idea as to the specifics of how people create and engage in swaps;yet I am interested & I have a general idea..,I realize that the folks out there create unique and innovative swaps all the time; sounds like fun!

Perhaps later, though there's no hurry, you could give me a brief outline of what people generally do in these blogland swaps~.., (I love lists also; maybe just a ,short and sweet, list)?

I wonder if today you'd kindly pop by to my , "The Plumed Pen" blog to partake of, or at least take a peak at my new blog feature entitled, "tuesday Tea For Two".., Of all things, shelagh this was named after a piece of artwork that I created several years ago depicting two rather knattily attired "cats having tea together on the front porch, on a Tuesday"!.., I'll have to try to find the original to post later today.

~From one fellow artist to another I say; what next?! & why not?.., Do come join in the fun; the more the merrier!..,

I'd love to show the art that's on your post today, with a link to your site; it's "purrfect" for our theme today, in combination with your blog title, don't you think?

Cheers form Silken Purse

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Hello! I'll be putting together your package for the swap! So looking forward to it!!

bLu eYd YoGi said...

morning lovely! I'm doing a FUN collab video!!! COme over to my place & tell me your DIRTY LITTLE SECRET!!!


chickory said...

hello! it is chickory! i am so excited about our t15 things gift project. i really like your art -its so cheerful. looks like you are doing very well on Etsy. congratulations! and kudos too on the cookbook.

yes, yes where DID september go? oh but isnt october the most blissful month of all? it is in north georgia. will send address to your email.