Friday, September 18, 2009


This is Herbert, he loves Halloween and so do I! Original available on eBay

I've been trying to hang on to summer but the colder nights and cool mornings are telling me otherwise. We've had a glorious string of weather but that tiny snap in the air is definitely discernible. Autumn cannot be denied. Bring it favourite season.:)

I've started on on some Halloween paintings. Fun stuff. They make me smile. I've put 2 prints in my store now too at my Halloween price! If they have sold, don't worry, I always restock right away. Boo!
5 Black Cats

and Cat's Night Out


Chichiboulie said...

Herbert is so handsome! Well done with the colours!

Karen said...

LOVE Herbert, and also five black cats! Sold out! :-(

Alice said...

I am loving Herbert! ooooo and halloween is on the way. Most exciting! Strange where the time goes though, Halloween last year was a very different affair up in the Spanish mountains ... good times!

Sounds like your weather has been very similar to ours. We have wonderful blue skies and sunshine, but the morning and evening chills tell a different story. Can't wait to get my hat out and go walking in the fresh air!

Middle Aged Woman Blogging said...

Love these for Halloween!!! Herbert - My father-in-law's name! LOL

jen said...

Herbert is fantastic! (as his his name...he he) And LOVE "Cats Night Out"....that one made me giggle.

The air has started to change here as well, BUT, we continue to be graced with gorgeous warm days sprinkled in with the fall-ish days. Yesterday it was 85 it is raining...and we are supposed to actually have another real heat spell next week, which is a bit strange for the third week of September...but I'll take it gladly as I cling to the last of summer. :-) xo

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Herbert is great! I love Halloween!

It has become a little chilly here also, but I am enjoying it! I wilted in the humidity of NYC in August and I am ready for the change of seasona. Autumn is my favorite time of the year!

Anne said...

Hi, Shelagh! I love your cute Halloween prints! :-)