Thursday, April 15, 2010

New print and transformed dust bunnies

Southwest Sunflowers, new print in my shop:) My mom has the original of this painting. I really love it. A friend asked me if it was available as a print and I realized that no it wasn't, but it is now:) The image on the etsy page is all blurred and I don't know why but the print is sharp and lovely. PS. If it comes up as sold, don't worry, it will be relisted pronto.
I am battling my first bug of the season. I was boasting that I had not been sick all winter! Bad move:) My daughter has been ill and caretaking often makes one run down and vulnerable. Not to worry, ColdFX, hot drinks, vitamin C and rest will take care of it.

My fridge is also on the blink, needs a new compressor which = new fridge :( There's always something isn't there. I was so glad I had just cleaned my fridge last week. I would have been very embarrassed had the repair guy looked into it seven days ago. Queen of the condiments, that's me. As it was, when he pulled it away from the wall.........holy cow, the dust bunnies had grown into gorillas and were clutching dried bits of food in their hands and were growling! Yep, my face was red. Needless to say, that corner has now been scrubbed out within an inch of it's life.


Lorrie Grainger Abdo said...

Beautiful print. Bet you'll sell bunches. As for the gunk under the fridge, I'm sure the repair guy has seen much worse! :)

White Linen Print said...

love the colours

JillB said...

Great print. I love the southwest and sunflowers!

As for the dust bunnies - you mean you're supposed to clean behind the fridge?!!! Who knew?

Lanyardlady said...

Gorgeous print. I love sunflowers.