Monday, March 1, 2010

Evening Sail

original available on eBay

Spent the day working on this. Tried a darker blue, gives it a more dramatic feel I think. It is fun to play around with new colours. I do tend to stay with the same palette.

Watched the Gold medal hockey game last night and wow, was it exciting. I am not really a hockey fan but this was wonderful game play. Sidney Crosby got the winning goal for Canada in sudden death overtime! He is a local boy and all of us Nova Scotians are mighty proud of him.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Yes, hooray for Sid the Kid! He's breathing Paul Henderson's air now!

hatjunkie said...

Really pretty painting. Isn't it funny about how we gravitate towards the same colours. Seems like I have once again unknowingly painted my whole house green.

Kate said...

Looks like a fun place to play. Beautiful painting.

Moose said...

Like the colours! Thanks for the hometown info ... while watching the medal ceremony , we said "I wish they would put the towns & player name up on the screen". Great Game and fantastic closing ceremonies.
Tail Wags,

Judith said...

Here's to Sid, our boy. Reminded me of watching Paul Henderson all those years ago.

High On Craft said...

Love that painting! I love all your work for that matter. You have a wonderful, whimsical style.

Gigi said...

Beautiful painting -- lovely colors.
I live in the US, but I was so pleased to see Canada win the hockey game too (does that make me a traitor), although I did feel badly for our goalie -- he looked so sad.
I lived in Toronto years ago and still have a big heart for your beautiful country. Never been to N.S., but I would really love to some day.
Love your blog.

Becky said...

Love those sheep!

Sara said...

that is very pretty...I love the vibrant colors you use.

susanna said...

That's a terrific painting, Shelagh. You have such a wonderful way with colour and composition. You've developed your own personal style.

And yes, we cheered when the Canadian hockey team won the Olympic gold. And didn't you love love love the campy Olympic ending? We laughed out loud when we saw the giant table hockey players and the little puck (brilliant idea!) and I want one of those inflatable beavers!