Monday, March 15, 2010

walking weather

Looking out towards Spain! Those tiny black specks out there are rocks with some seals on them! We have had such great sunny weather, I took a walk around Point Pleasant Park on Friday. I used to go there all the time but then Hurricane Juan hit and devastated the forest. I found it very difficult to visit for a long, long time. It is still barren, but the forest is regenerating and flourishing with new growth. Everything is still in hibernation mode at the moment. Who knows, we may yet get another snowstorm!

Can you see me waving to you? Duh, who can resist a shot like that with a camera in hand:)
This stray cat was relaxing in the warmth on top of somebody's carport but never once took his eyes off me:) I don't know how those animals survive winter. The weather can be so harsh. Ok, I'd best get to work, enough distraction for the morning.


Tam Hess said...

Love those pictures! I want to come take a walk with you!! :) xoxo Tam

Hope Chella said...

Beautiful pictures :)

Sara said...

Love the photos - and that cat is just beautiful!

suziart said...

I hope to see that part of the world one day, I could easily live there!!!
Love the kitty!

Erica-Jane said...

Hi, I just found your lovely blog. Whata beautiful view!!


Andrea on Third Street said...

Funny! We were at PPP on Wednesday! It's been a long while since I was there and I agree - it's stil sad to see the damage to the forest. But the amount of used female hygiene products washed up on the grass was a little more depressing.