Monday, December 15, 2008

Can I pick now?


And the winner is......... The Central Asia Institute!...... with a donation to them of $555!!!
I am thrilled and excited to be able to hand over such a wonderful amount. Thanks to all of YOU! That money will go a long way:)
The winner of my print is Leslie Rubio- Cornett in Virginia!

My daughter picked the name out of the bowl, she was half asleep in bed, didn't lift her head, just swirled her hand through the papers and picked one. What is quite remarkable about Leslie winning is that I had made a donation to an organization that she supports called Friends of Jamaica. They have a weekly draw for a print by her and guess who won? Me! How odd is that! She wins one of my prints and I win one of hers:)

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Jessica S. said...

he was soooo saying that...i heart him!

Ronnie said...

Serendipity! That is so cool how that happened. Congrats to Leslie too!
I'll say! Quite an impressive chunk of change from the bloggers.
Way to go, Shelagh!

Leslie Rubio said...

Isn't that the coolest thing ever? God works in mysterious ways, doesn't He?

I was so excited to see that your name was selected to win the print for FOJ and we both got to donate to 2 worthy causes in the process!

We are 2 lucky girls! Great job on all the money you raised!

Have a wonderful day, and thanks to your daughter for picking ME! Yippee!

Lots of Love,

Leslie Rubio said...

Shelagh-I'm going to have to contemplate which print/photo I want to select-they're all so good it's gonna be hard for me to decide!

Also, tell me how you prounouce your name, I need to know.


Gifted Typist said...

I love those sunlight against gun-metal grey skin backdrops - they're so dramatic. Lovely shot.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

How wonderful Shelagh! Congrats to Leslie too!

Sara said...

What a fantastic result! Congratulations!!