Saturday, February 7, 2009


This is the sort of day we are having. Finally, a mild and sunny winter's day. Beautiful. I am going out for a lovely walk today. This is one of two large Birch trees in my backyard. In the autumn it's leaves are flaming gold.

I went to a small birthday party last night and had a lot of fun. Ate a respectable amount of nibblies and had a glass of wine. This morning the scale is 1.5 pounds heavier than yesterday. How does one gain that much from a bit extra? I know I did not eat an extra 4500 calories. Interesting...... anyway today will be a day of restraint and a bit more exercise. At least that is what I am saying this morning. Let's hope cheesecake does not fall into my path.

I do have a painting to finish up and some tidying to do but other than that, it is a wide open day!


Flor Larios Art said...

I can feel your beautiful sunny winter day thru that photo...enjoy it!

Anne said...

Beautiful tree! It was lovely weather here today, too. In fact, my husband and I did yard work, trimming bushes and our mulberry tree. I love its branches.

Anonymous said...

OOoh, Cheesecake is always my undoing too.. Thanks for your compliments to my blog, I'm new at the whole thing, but I love it! Your paintings are very cheerful, great use of the cat gazing at the sky..

Kathy said...

I hear you! I had a wonderful breakfast out this morning....grabbed McDonalds fries at the mall for lunch....and just had a salad from Chilis for dinner followed by their famous Paradise Pie...which isn't a pie at all, but rather the best tasting fat and calories on the face of the earth!

So much for healthy eating!

Jennifer said...

I adore birch trees. My parents have a place up in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, close to a state park that is FILLED with birch trees. They are beautiful during every season.

The white bark, bare limbs, and clear blue sky together make a stunning photograph.

Gill said...

I think water has something to do with it. It isn't actual pounds you have gained, you simply retain longer after eating more because there are processes involved with the digestion. Wait a day or two and weigh again, you'll be down, I betcha!

Babette Fraser Hale said...

A day with no appointments, no requirements, an open day! Bliss!

Leslie Rubio said...

I know what you mean about the so bad good stuff falling into your cheesecake-yummy! Don't worry about the scale-do what you can to excercise and eat right-if you step out of bounds for a little bit-no big deal-live life and be happy! If you have to buy a whole new wardrobe-ok you better stick to the scale, excercise and light eating.

Love your snowy pictures and your daugher is beautiful-just like her Mom.

Have a great day and try and stay warm!


April Jarocka said...

sheila your photos of snow are gorgeous!! I am so jealous lol