Thursday, March 26, 2009

greeting cards

Look what I have been up to:) I've been making some cards! I had some done up for a local shop called Love, Me Boutique and then thought that I should get cracking and put some in my own shop, BroomhillPictures :) I only have a few listed at the moment, more to come but really, every image in my shop is available in card form. Great to pop into a frame for some "mini"art.
I love finding cards in my mailbox. Did you know that the average person gives 25 cards per year? 85% of cards are bought by women.

In other news, my fridge is busting at the seams with veggies. Last night was delivery night and with it the realization that I have not eaten as much green stuff as I should have this past week. I have things left from the last box! Time to crack out the soup pot:) I have two large gorgeous bunches of broccoli that need devouring. Yum.


Alice said...

oooo lovely :-) We have been making our own cards this very morning! Although ours are slightly less elegant (a kind of mish-mash of glitter glue and crayon - lol). Enjoy your splendid soups!

Anne said...

Hi, Shelagh! Love your cards! :-)

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Hi Shelagh! So many juicy little things to read today. Congratulations on your photo being published! It's beautiful. You are unusual, you know, that you are so prolific and talented working in two mediums. Well, a good artist is a good artist in all that they do I guess, but maybe most artists don't work in more than one medium that often. You always amaze me with this fact. So, so talented. I've told you before I like each kind art you make equally well - infatuated and overwhelmingly impressed!

I also loved the picture of the little squished house. Ah, I know that feeling well.

As for your cards, they are just lovely and I know they will be hugely successful. I, too, am working with a printer to finally make some prints of my work. We'll see. I love cards. Used 5 or so yesterday, so I need to pop in your shop!


Mickey (Michel) Johnson said...

Ooh, I love the cards...especially the sweet little Yorkie print. I just want to hold that pup and give it kisses, kisses and more kisses! Soup is divine...I could eat it every day and frequently do. The family doesn't feel the same, but since I do most of the cooking...I win! I love being queen of my house! LOL Enjoy your soup and your new project.

Loth said...

Great cards! And might I suggest broccoli and stilton soup to use up those veggies? If you can get stilton in Canada. Can you?

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Oh Shelagh those cards look great! I love cards too. I'll have to look in your shop.

Thanks for you sweet comments on my blog this morning :)

I just sauteed a lot of fresh veggies and I'm going to incorporate them, along with some cheese, into a quiche.
I'm draining them now and I'll save the run off juice for a soup base on another day. YUM!

Tam Hess said...

Great cards! I especially love the pink shoes. Killer ;) xoxo

Kathy said...

The cards are wonderful!!! I'm sure they will go well.

daisies said...

i heart cards and love both sending them and clipping them to my inspiration board :-) they are fun to frame too ..

mmmm ... veggies!

Sara said...

Wonderful cards! I love getting cards in the mail. Congrats on your lighthouse photo in Reader's Digest!
Had to share this with you...I pulled a couple of cookbooks out of my cupboard the other day (I don't use them very often..we tend to do the same meals all the time). Anyway, I glanced down at the cover art and thought "I recognize that style!". It's YOUR cookbook- Nova Scotia Potluck!! I received it as a gift when we lived in Ontario. Too funny.

ashish said...

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Anonymous said...

These are terrific, Shelagh. I really like the one of the paintbrushes. It celebrates everything creative.

Leslie Rubio said...

Nice cards, and I love the new jungly painting. Have fun at the Maple festival...I love maple syrup yummy:) of my faves!