Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mark Brennan, Wilderness Painter...

Today I want to introduce you to a WONDERFUL wilderness artist who lives and works here in Nova Scotia. I first came across Mark Brennan's work several years ago now and it resonated deeply with me. I own three of his paintings. He is extraordinarily talented and his work is thoughtful and expressive, capturing the luminous and ever changing beauty that exists in nature. His work has been purchased by the Art Bank of Nova Scotia and can be found in many private and corporate collections around the globe.

This is one of the paintings I own,
Moon over Lake of Two Rivers, 2004. I love it:)

Mark is also a terrific writer and on his blog, you can read his wonderful essays on life outdoors and painting in the rough, as well as samples of his work. You can see more of his work here at

Mark has also created some great wee videos using time lapse to show a painting in progress and in others, he takes us into the wilderness to show just what it is like to paint out on location. Worth watching :)

Originally from Scotland, he lives with his wife and daughter here in Whitehill, Pictou County. This summer, he has an upcoming SOLO exhibit at the Art Sales and Rental Gallery, connected to the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. I look forward to visiting:) and there is also a documentary in the works by Simple Films of England in post production at the moment about Mark and his forays into the forest to paint. Interesting stuff. I do think Mark Brennan is one of Canada's great unknown painters who deserves a bit more attention! Can you tell I am a big fan:) What do you think?

You can purchase his work through various dealers found here on his website:)


daisies said...

so beautiful ... that top painting makes my heart swoon!!

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Thank you for sharing these beautiful paintings. They are breathtaking.

I'm glad to hear you had a wonderful day yesterday. It all sounds so perfectly delightful!

Mickey (Michel) Johnson said...

...absolutely love his work. I especially love the contrast and color of the turquoise sky painting and the peace felt in the farmhouse by the water. Thanks so much for sharing.

Mary said...

Hello, Nova Scotian van Gogh! Wow.
I loooove the fourth one down as it's reminiscent of one of my favourite paintings ever.

Anonymous said...

mark he great or what!!!!!!!!1

i love the last painting of the snow land.n i m gonna remember this name..............i like his style very much.
thanks mam for sharing his works.