Wednesday, March 25, 2009

not quite overwhelmed

Tiny house in Paris. That's what I am feeling like these days, so much to do on all sides. Have to start making daily plans. I had terrible heartburn through the night. No more pesto and red pepper hummus for me:(


Alice said...

How strange, just the other day we were walking through a French town and saw a tiny house squished in the middle of others just like this. It was quite amazing. I hope soon you feel like a barn in the middle of a great big spring field! I'm sure once you make your daily plans you will :-) Until then maybe you need perfectly baked honey cake!!!!

Mickey (Michel) Johnson said...

Sounds like a bit of stress to me. Pesto and peppers sounds really good! I like lists...I just have to get to the point where when I cross off one thing I don't add two in its place! Have a great day and I hope you feel better.

Once Upon A Blue Crow said...

Bless your heart. Knock on wood, I've only had heartburn one time in my life and I never want to have it again!
Hope you're feeling better!

Ronnie said...

Folks have been telling me it's a kind of Spring fever but in reverse. Feels terrible! All the Spring chores begin rushing into the agenda and you have to shift the cranky gears of Winter! Lists help me too.
So it's the red pepper hummus!
I had it last evening too and was up til wee hours looking at the ceiling.
Think of the little house being ((hugged)) momentarily by its bigger friends, then the big ones shuffle away giving room for a lovely open garden of your favorite flowers all around. :)

Teresa aka Tess said...

OMG, I could not imagine living with no yard, no green and the neighbors right there. Still, it is a cute little house!

Anonymous said...

Love this tiny house! And hate the heartburn.. I was just saying this morning that I can't eat the way I used to, and especially after 6pm. Ah, the joys of getting older.

Kathy said...

I really have to be careful what I eat at night. I have breakfast for dinner last night with real maple syrup and I did not sleep well. Sugar before bed doesn't work for me! Bummers on the heartburn.

That house is so darn cute!

Just do a little something each day and eventually it will all get done!

Leslie Rubio said...

Sorry to hear about your heartburn...that sucks. At least you figured out what caused it and can avoid it in the future.

Take a deep breath...every little thing is gonna be all right.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I hope you feel better today Shelagh. I've had that problem a few times ..not fun!

Half-heard in the Stillness said...

Dear Shelagh, Thank you so much for the lovely comforting words you left on visiting, they made such a difference! Now it seems YOU are in need of a bit of comfort yourself.. I find Peppermint tea a tremendous help with heartburn and quite pleasant once you get used to it. Hope you are soon feeling your old self!
I actually put this very photo in my favourites on Flickr, poor little squashed home!!
Hugs for you OOO x

Chichiboulie said...

I kind of feel like that tiny house as well... At least I know I'm not alone and maybe 2 tiny houses can make a big impact?