Thursday, October 18, 2012

Big Day (night) Downtown 2012

I've been waiting for a chance to post this picture, isn't it wild? The two Purdy's Wharf towers with the Casino in the foreground. It's my intro pic to this year's Halifax  Big Day Downtown promotion (actually it was a big night downtown:) This is the third year I've participated and it has been terrific enjoying all that Halifax has to offer! 28 bloggers were each given $100 to spend downtown and requested to share what we did with our readers! This year we were given partners and my partner, the fabulous Perry Paris of ParisalaMode and I partnered up with Cheryl Cook of WryandGinger and Asheley Ramey of AsheleyEats for a fun foursome night on the town!
We started our evening at The Wooden Monkey, a healthy organic food restuarant in the heart of downtown on Prince Street. That is the camera shy Cheryl in red. The only picture you will see of her:) I wanted them to try the Vegan nachos good. Really.
 After lots of was Asheley's turn to recommend a place.
And off we trundled to...
 The Bitter End...
to try their Caesars, voted best in the city for the last 8 years!
and.....yes, they were delish!
Cheryl and Perry decided they wanted oysters and steak at  Le Coq Bistro
So that is where we went next...
 A perfect little French restaurant on Argyle Street. Nothing here for a vegan so I had frites cooked in duck fat with truffle aoli and dare I say I ...
had an oyster and a taste of Cheryl's steak tartare which was surprisingly delicious! This vegan makes exceptions occasionally. Perry had steak and Ashley chose the cheese platter.
Haha, even Asheley tried an oyster, a thing she said she would never do! Here she is seconds after slurping it in. Not the most flattering picture but hey I am recording an historic moment!! (Ashley is really beautiful)
We had a terrific night and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend any of the places we visited:)

Saturday, October 6, 2012


This is Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada. I am grateful for so many things. One of which is you, my dear readers. I have been an often absent blogger this summer and I am not sure what that is all about but I want you to know that I do feel like I have been neglecting you. Makes me sort of sad. I have been writing so consistently these last years that not writing as often feels like a failure of sorts. Weird huh? I miss my time here but have not been able to find it as often. I do have some stories in the pipeline and hope to blog more frequently.( Have you heard that before? :)) We shall see......... in the meantime, know that I do appreciate and value you. Hope  the rest of your weekend is grand. xo