Friday, June 28, 2013


Hahah, I came across this pic of my cat Monty today and had to share. Ridiculous whaaaat? The roof of his mouth is spotted. Now he is much heavier and way more laid back....just like us all haha.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Black Rock Beach

This is a fairly recent painting of a place I adore, Point Pleasant Park. It is a different style for me.... as you know, my work is usually full of colour. Loved painting this and now I'm thinking of doing a series of park paintings in this dramatic style. If you are interested in purchasing it, please drop me a line.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Midsummer Night's Eve

This day is magical to me. Not sure why exactly. I suppose Shakespeare might have had something to do with it. The longest day of the year, the turning point, the top of the mountain of  light, a day of possibilies..... I was in the Halifax Public Gardens yesterday and the world was indeed green and glowing.....magical for sure!
All over the world people are celebrating Midsummer's Eve, the wonderful summer solstice.  I just found out that people believed that golden-flowered mid-summer plants, especially Calendula Calendula, and St. John's Wort, had miraculous healing powers and they picked them on this night.
 These two benches in the gardens are everyone's favourites. Something about the cloak of leaves that protects them from the world I think. You really feel as though you are in a place apart from from time when you sit here and listen to the fountain splashing away, while hidden under the green canopy.
 Yep, late June is a beautiful time of year. Late Autumn is the other favourite of mine.
So, inspired by this time of year I painted something a little different. Midsummer's Eve. 24 x 36" Drop me an email if you want more info:)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Pink Lilies

New painting available for purchase! It is 20 x 12 on a wood support with painted sides. Send me an email if interested:) I really like long rectangular paintings. There's always an odd nook that needs filling. Rainy morning here in Halifax but the sun is supposed to shine at noon! Hooray!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Getting my groove back..

My goodness it was gorgeous out there this morning!Took this snap with my iPhone a few hours ago.
 I started running last July ( love it and hate it haha) and did really well up until November when it started to get cold and dark in the early mornings. I went to the gym sporadically over the winter and started running/walking outside a month or so ago. What a difficult time I've had getting into the routine of it.
Last year I was up at the crack of dawn and off I'd go. It was such an uplifting and inspiring way to start the day. By 7:30am I'd have my exercise over for the day and would be wide awake and ready to tackle anything!  For some reason, those really early mornings are eluding me at the moment BUT I managed to get out at 6:18am today and am so GLAD I did. The air is cool, the light is soft, the dawn chorus is winding down, hardly a soul about. I think as the days get hotter, the early mornings will happen naturally again. Here's hoping!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Don't want to lose me?

Nothing like a rainy June to make the colours pop. I don't mind the rain, I really don't. I am a minority I know. We will have sunshine soon enough and lots of it as the summer progresses. For now, the wells are getting topped up and the gardens a good start and it looks so pretty. I woke up at around 3am and the sound of the rain pouring outside combined with the darkness and my cozy bed made for bliss.
 So.......the reason for this post..... If you follow/read my blog with Google reader or have liked it using Google friend of July 1st that service will be shut down. So.....I have found Bloglovin, a great way to follow all the blogs you love. You set up a free account and then you can add all the blogs you love and can read them all in one spot. To import all the blogs you already follow/like on Google Friends Connect / Reader go to this page and import them to Bloglovin:). So easy. Also a plus with this site is you can comment on blogs directly without leaving the reader. Yay.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Things that are round....

How cool is this? It's the Hansen Writing Ball. The first commercial typewriter ever made. Invented in 1865 by the reverend and principal of the Royal Institute for the deaf-mutes in Copenhagen, Rasmus Malling- Hansen. I love the look of it. Apparently Freidrich Nietzsche used one:)
And...while we are in the realm of balls...check THIS out! Beetle Sphere by Ichwan Noor at the Art Basel Hong Kong fair in Hong Kong.

Last but not least in my mini gallery of round things....A hair perming device from Germany. 1929. Waves supposed to last a year!
Ok, ok, this isn't round but it was so pretty I had to share it with you! A toaster from the 1920s.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Wild Leek, Vegan Restaurant

A friend of mine, Kirsten Taggart, has just started living a dream of hers! She has opened a cozy Vegan restaurant and Juice Bar in Halifax called Wild Leek. A trained chef, Kirsten has had a love affair with wholesome food for years. Her blog, Kirsten's Kitchen is full of yummy recipes that showcase her special connection with good food.
Located at 2156 Windsor St. on the corner of Lawrence, Wild Leek  is sandwiched between a small variety store and a used book shop. You can't miss it. Painted bright green with two flower baskets and a lovely mural on the side of the building.
It is a tiny spot with just six tables I think, I can't exactly remember the number but it is bright and cheerful and has free wifi!
Dominating the high ceilings is an amazing light fixture, I love it!
The menu is simple with only a few basics available on a consistant basis and the rest is dependant on Kirsten's mood and what fresh produce is available and eventually, special requests:)
The day I was there I had the special which was a Shepherd's Pie,  (lentil base and mashed potato topping) slathered with gravy,and a yummy salad.
My mum who was my dining companion had the broccoli and caramalized onion quiche which I have to say was DELICIOUS! Hard to make it look pretty but you get the gist:)
Wild Leek also makes their own seitan and there are a few things on the menu that utilise it including their own version of Bahn Mi which is a Vietnamese sandwich.
I have to say everything I ate was yummy.Lots of dessert to choose from also. These were to die for, chocolate, pecan, peanut butter thingies...
Mum had a coconut cupcke:)
I know there are a lot of food pics here but's a restaurant. This was moist and dense and aawesome!
I haven't even touched on the juice bar side of things. Lots of choices there. One which caught my eye was "strawberry fields" Strawberry,banana,coconut and vanilla,mmm
They are open Tuesday to Saturday opening at 8am and closing at 4pm except  Friday 7pm. Friday at suppertime  Kirsten will be doing a dinner service with a lovely plated special meal. Saturday they serve Brunch!
 Pop by and say hi to Kirsten and her sidekick Andie:) Tell em I sent you!