Saturday, October 2, 2010


Torrential downpour out there at the moment.
This weather is freaky. We've been having a heatwave in October, with high humidity. Feels like we are living on the Equator. Tomorrow a cold front moves in and the temps will be lower than usual for this time of year. I guess there is no such thing as normal anymore.

Off to look for some craft supplies. Don't know why I have waited until Saturday. The shops will be crowded.

My postcard packs look great. Will show you soon! Excited about them and the calendars look terrific. Order one soon if you are planning on sending it as a gift overseas. Remember they can be shipped to whereever you want them to go.

Hope to make some lentil soup later. I like having a pot of something I can warm up without fuss. Easy lunches.

Have a great Saturday:)


Dolores said...

I do love weather. Ever changing. yesterday I took a walk and the wind was blowing. It was wonderful.

hatjunkie said...

Amazing, We only got a drizzle here in Lunenburg. I am also ready for this mugginess to be over. Call me old fashioned, but fall should be a little cold.

Gill said...

Mmmmmm lentils, yum.
We are enjoying some similar freaky weather; gorgeous and warm prior to the day before chilly chilly.
Time for homemade soup.