Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday stuff...

Gosh, I've not been very good about posting here as often as I used to. Busy days.
Also, everytime I go on a trip I take FAR too many pictures! It is a huge job to go through them and then share here so I tend to put it off for lack of time. The benefit of the old film cameras is that one was far more selective because of the cost. Now it is a free for all:) Fun on the snapping end for sure but a chore at the other. I like to crop and tidy my pics if they need it too.

Any minute now I'm off to the garage to get my rear brakes looked at. Terrible grating metal sound:( I had been planning on the market today but this plan has top priority. Bringing an umbrella for the rainy walk home. We've got a rainfall warning in effect. Good news for those with drying wells.

Speaking of walking home. I need it!! This last few weeks have been a bit of a food party. Too many summer goodies and market food. Oh that market friend Jenna had a lime extravaganza this weekend and I had altogether too many treats! Lime cupcakes infusd with lime curd, lime blueberry cheesecake cupcakes, lime pulled pork, sweet potato/ lime /chipotle salad, lime cream cheese cranberry get the picture.Smacking my lips just thinking about it.

Watched the finale of Masterchef Australia last night. What a fantastic show. Really the best cooking one out there. In Australia it is one of their most popular shows and is on 5 nights a week! Far more in depth and involved than the US one. Same premise though, start with 100 amateur cooks, winnow to 25 and then down to one winner! This year's winner deserved it. Awesome.
Best get on with it...have a great day.
P.S. Hi Sandy! Great to meet you finally!


Kerry O'Gorman said...

How right you are about photos! I am exactly in same mind set as you...came back from a trip and now am working on editing 290+ snaps! My garden has priority right now so they'll have to wait a bit longer for publishing. Did manage a few on a post but haven't even got to the parade shots! I almost bit into my computer with those muffin/cake photos!! Could you post the recipe?

Karen said...

What a beautiful photo!.. and I love the siamese kitty painting.