Friday, January 6, 2012

25 Things....

1. I am an eldest child, I have two younger brothers.

2. My first pet(s) were two Siamese cats named Topaz and Gigi. Topaz had kittens in my bedroom closet and when they were older, would carry them by the scruff of the neck, one by one, over to my bed and hop up, depositing them under the blankets. No matter how many times I picked them up and moved them, there they would be back again:)

3. Growing up, we lived on the edge of a small subdivision, surrounded by woods and all of us kids spent most of our time there, climbing trees, scaling cliffs ( Dead Man's Cliff in particular, which we used to call Dead Man's for short  ie: "Meet you at Dead Mans") building forts, picking berries, spying on each other, playing hide and seek, tag, scouting for wildlife and causing trouble:) No computers. Nights were spent playing kick the can, red rover, british bulldog, sardines and other games until the street lights went on and you could hear mothers calling for their kids.

4. There was a brook nearby that dwindled to a trickle in the summer but the shallow banks were lush with moss. We once created a burial ground there for small animals. Easy to pick up a big clump of moss and deposit the wee corpse underneath. Hamsters, a dead robin, a squirrel, insects. We performed elaborate rites and made up special rituals and prayers, thoroughly enjoying ourselves and feeling very compassionate. Well one day shortly after our last burial,  it rained, the brook swelled and there went our graveyard, floating clumps of moss and cardboard and and wee souls bobbing off to the sea.

5. We used to hold a small neighborhood fair every summer to raise money for Rainbow Haven, a local camp run by the local newspaper for under priviledged kids. It would be held in one of our backyards, kool-aid, hot dogs, fortune teller, fish pond (Stick, string and clothes peg), three legged races etc. We would call the paper to let them know and a photographer would arrive to take a picture of us and our fundraiser. I think we organized it more to get our pictures in the paper than for any philanthropic reasons.

6. Scariest book I read growing up was The Haunting of Hill House The movie terrified me too.  The Haunting made in 1963. I remember watching it on TV in our rec room and I was too frightened to get up and turn off the TV let alone leave the room. So I sat scared stiff and watched the entire thing. They remade it in 1999 but it strayed from the story and wasn't as good.

7. Christopher Walken and I once looked over our shoulders at each other as we passed by on a deserted side street in London. I looked back because it was him, he looked back because I think he was frightened by the face I made when I realized it was him! lol.  Prince Andrew shook my hand once and said" So glad you could come. "Really!

8.I backpacked through Europe for 8 months on my own. Wasn't alone much, you make a lot of friends when travelling like that. Hostels and train pass.

9. Started a blog because I bumped into an  old friend of mine who had one. I had never heard of "blogging".  I was fascinated by hers and enjoyed reading it. I like writing also and thought ,why not? Sadly she  passed away far too young, a few years ago but some of her internet presence still remains and I find it comforting.

10. I was a "news" film editor in its dying days. My first job. Reporters had to have their stories finished by 2:30/3pm because the lab took an hour to develop the film and then it had to be brought back to the TV station to be edited before going on air at 6. There was a magnetic stripe on the side of the film that carried the sound. B reel was a second film reel that carried the "cutaways"( interesting visuals) so you wouldn't have to stare at a talking head too long, also to cover the reporters intros etc. We had to cut manually and then time everything, make up a cue sheet ,when B reel should start etc. so the projectionist would know when to start it. Two film reels for one story, sometimes three. Lots of work and done several times over with various reporters as the film came in. Sounds like the dark ages and it wasn't that long ago really. I'm not THAT old.

11.Lima beans are not a favourite food.

12.I was a taxi driver for 9 months. Interesting. I wish I had kept a journal.

13. I saw Halley's Comet when I was in New Zealand.

14.I would like to see a ghost but I know I would be scared s*%&*^#!!  I did see ghostly stuff once that I cannot explain but it wasn't frightening because it did not take a form and I was more confused by it. It lasted about a minute. I thought it was white smoke at first.

15. I can speak Pig Latin. Esyay I ancay.

16. I took Theatre at University.

17. My daughter was born 5.5 weeks early and was tiny but fine.

18. I don't know how to type properly.

19. My answers are getting shorter:)

20.Grade ten English, I was in a special class and all we did was write poetry. I still have them all and some of them surprisingly are ok.

21. Reconnected with an old pal through Facebook. We were crazy about the Monkees:)

22. I love going to the movies.

23. I love being outside.

24. I prefer photography to painting.

25. Wiley Coyote over Bugs Bunny

Now your turn! Tell me something about you:)


Chaviva said...

You cannot want 25 things from your readers, surely?! But I will give you 5...

1. I am the youngest of 5.
2. Friday is my favourite day of the week, NOT because it starts the weekend, but because it starts Shabbat and separates the ordinary from the holy.
3. It's really difficult to keep kosher in Halifax, 'cause it's hard to buy kosher meat.

4. My favourite colour is red, and I probably have more red lipstick than any 2 women need.
5. I preferred the original Swedish, subtitled "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" to the current version (which I've also seen and which wasn't awful, in case you're wondering!).

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Oh Shelagh! I love your 25.

First of all, your childhood sounds just like mine, including the wee animal cemetary that became exposed after a rainstorm.

Secondly - Christopher Walken, Prince Andrew and being a taxi driver! Oh my dear - I'm soooo impressed. You are fantabulous!

aliceinparis said...

Chaviva, Thanks for your reply!So interesting to learn about the difficulties being kosher in Halifax. I read all the "Tattoo" books but have yet to see either movie!

aliceinparis said...

Sandy, This is only a teeny tiny portion of my life:) We all have interesting stories,just have to remember them! Yes, childhood was more innocent then.

Jeanne said...

Fabulous list indeed.
Much love and many blessings
Love Jeanne

Anonymous said...

Love this entry. I love that everyone has a story - interesting bits of lives - within them. I will join Chaviva and give you 5 of my bits.

1. I am the middle of 3 "original" kids of a family that split and soon had 3 more (6 total).

2. My favorite colour is red. My strongest "red" memory is about my granny, who has a special place in my heart. She had a pair of red leather kitten-heeled ankle booties which she wore with chic pencil skirt suits. When we were cleaning out her clothes, I was asked if I wanted the boots. At the time I was into Converse and Beetle Bailey styled drill boots and couldn't see myself wearing them. I let them go into the donate pile. I regret it. But red brings to mind my brave, strong, pragmatic, kind grandmother whom I love dearly.

3. I was vegetarian for nearly 10 years.

4. I knew I was pregnant for the first time (with Emelia) when I went to a restaurant for a birthday celebration and ordered a rack of lamb.

5. I have always wanted to be a writer. When I was in grade school I would write "books". I began my first novel in grade six. When other kids watched t.v., I would spend a Friday night developing plot lines to my ghost mystery novel. (Side note - I also kept a word book. It was a lined notebook where I would write words I learned and how they could be used in context. The back of the page had "cheat sheets" for word synonyms and antonyms. It was my very own thesaurus and dictionary.)

Anonymous said...

How tiny was your daughter? One of my things is that I *might* have been an 8 week premie. It's what I was told but some recent convos with nurses call it in to question.

Re #10 - my chosen AA degree specialization was eliminated by computers just as I got the degree.

I like #12 - would love to hear more!

#21 - I wanted to marry Davy Jones. The Monkees reruns just returned to network TV and I find them surprisingly painful to watch.

#25 - agreed. Growing up, I knew a family with a pet coyote which, of course, was named Wiley!

I drafted a post but am going to wait on publishing so I don't put up 3 giant ones in a single day.

Alexandrite Woman said...

I love your 25 things and your blog! You've really motivated me in so many ways, lately. Here's a little about me:

1. I am the youngest girl and 5th child of the "original" six. Mom and stepdad had 4 more boys!
2. My first pet was a Siamese cat named Rip who loved to rip up things and climb up curtains.
3. I loved to read, too, but can't remember scariest book (not sure I read any). I read all the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys mystery books many times, and once got a certificate for reading the most books in our school library in grade 5!
4. Anthony Quinn jogged by me and stared right at me while walking in NYC (near Central Park) and Abe Vigoda ("Fish") was sitting in a neighborhood Chinese restaurant right by me, also in NYC. My girlfriend, a transplanted New Yorker, told me both times not to speak to them! I also went back stage to see Bod Dylan in the '70s (in my hometown, Binghamton, NY). I was surprised by how short he was!
5. In college I was the photography editor of our school newspaper. One time I covered a political rally where John Lindsay, then NYC Mayor, was the guest. He flirted with me and asked me out! (Didn't take him up -- had a wonderful boyfriend.)
6. I've always wanted to go to Paris, even fantasized being an expatriate living there. My husband wouldn't fly, and now....
7. My first job was as a copy editor. Loved it. Still have the first two books I completely edited on my own!
8. I taught MS English and several of my students are published authors. I think I'm a better editor than writer, although I love to write, especially letters.
9. I'm an amateur photographer. Love to shoot in black and white and used to play around with the images in the enlarger.
10. I'm a widow. Miss my husband.

Alexandrite Woman said...

My last one didn't go:
11. My favorite drink is hot tea, especially Indian Breakfast tea. It's almost impossible to find anymore!

burnttoast said...

Gee, if you really want to know...
1) First born obsessive-compulsive "stick-in-the-mud"
2) quilter
3) love horses (have 5) and cats (have 15, counting barn cats)
4) also have 3 dogs and 5 rats.
5) husband and daughter each have a snake
6) love bright colors and whimsy, so love your paintings

Moose said...

WOOF WOOF...happy birthday!
1. I am adopted
2. I have bigger than big paws
3. I am allergic to wheat, so mom makes me special treats
4. I have a cat
5. My cat intimidates me
6. I am a Therapy Dog
7. I work at the library and listen to kids read to me... the best job in the whole wide world
8. This year I will hike the Colorado Trail with my mom + dad
9. I enjoy mom reading your blog to me.
10. I have been published in UpperCase Magazine!