Monday, January 23, 2012

Treasure Hunting

 I love poking around antique places, curio shops and book stores. Anywhere there is chance I might find something rare and special.  Even as a little girl I loved old places and curious things. On my way home from Lunenburg last week, I thought I would pop into a great little place called Mother Hubbard's Cupboard for a visit. The name is perfect because..... it is in Hubbards, Nova Scotia! Those green lamps are so cool.
Just about a half hour drive from the city,  it is a wonderful place for a good treasure hunt. There are lots of little rooms to explore. Isn't this colour great?
 I love that they kept the little kitchen and used it to display kitcheny things.
 Chock a block with stuff!
Perfect way to escape the winter doldrums. Mannequins fascinate me:) This one is oddly dapper.
Some very impressive Christmas cactus plants dot the store and they are in bloom right now. Gorgeous!
I picked up an old small standing frame that is on hinges, so the picture can be angled. Needs someTLC. I could have purchased more but one must practice restraint. Right now there is a sale on, in some of the rooms everything is half price!
 Ok, I've probably put way too mamy pics up but it is a fun shop and I couldn't help myself.In fact I have a lot more to share but will spare you:) Tea anyone?


moosegirlmaria said...

OH,I love places like this!! So much to look at! Will have to buy Mr. Moose an XL Tim Horton's coffee and then drop in this summer when we're down on our bike!!

P.S. I received my (your)birthday surprise! Love every one of them. A few favorites too that will be framed and displayed along with my treasured original Duffett! Thanks girlie!

Aimee White said...

LOVE treasure troves like this! I'll have to take a drive out some weekend soon!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Hi Shelagh -- Your giveaway surprise arrived today and I just love all the beautiful postcards of your paintings! Thank you so much -- very generous of you. I plan on sending several of them to my Mom in the nursing home -- it will brighten her day to receive such cheery postcards!

Kerry O'Gorman said...

Good thing I don't live close by! There would go my savings for Mexico!
It's a shop I'll put on my east coast bucket list for sure. What a treasure trove is right!

Suzie Ridler said...

What a special place! This is the kind of shop I dream of too. Lucky you Shelagh!

Tammi Hayne said...

What a delightful treasure with so many more inside of it! I am sure I could spend an entire afternoon rummaging around in there and find many things to take home - having the budget (and space) to do so might be the only downfall to that idea. :-)

I love photos of places like this that you share. It allows those not able to experience them first hand, escape into the little worlds of whimsy for even a brief amount of time. A special treat!

I too received my little birthday surprise and adore every single one. Especially "Tea is Magic" ;-)

quiltergirl said...

Wow, I was so excited when I saw your pictures. I too love this little shop. So much so that those are my quilts in your picture. Hoping someone feels the need to give them a new home so I can make more. It is indeed a lovely drive from Halifax on the 103 and then the Hubbards Road.