Thursday, February 9, 2012


A random picture for a random post. I quite like this photo actually, Julien's Cafe on Young Street. Everyone looks cozy and comfortable inside.

Thought I would pop in and say hi! I've had a busy week. Took an amazing finance course today all about income statements and cashflow and business projections. Sounds boring but I was enthralled. Good stuff to know. Wish I had taken it a few years ago. Ah well, always something to learn.

Did you see Madonna on the Superbowl? Lots of people hated it and others loved it. I am a fan of hers, as controversial as she is. She's been in business for 30 years and is STILL going strong. She was the Lady Gaga of my generation, has sold over 300 million albums and is the top selling female artist of all time, you need some kind of talent to accomplish that.  I really want to see her film W.E.   Oh yes, and today, the Beatles appeared on the Ed Sullivan show for the first time in 1964! 48 years ago!

Still eating veggies and doing my 30 minutes a day, yay me. Maybe yay you too?


leendadll said...

I missed all of the superbowl and haven't looked up M's performance yet. I still can't get past her newest single - where she's tuned to sound about 13 and keeps referring to herself as "girl"... time to let that go!!

Glad you liked your class. Handling finances is a big part of why I never incorporated myself.

Marian said...

Yay you Shelagh and yay me, week 4 of Ideal Protein diet. Love Madonna and she surely proved that a woman could be an icon of a generation.

laureenlynn said...

I am a fan of Madonna. I was looking forward to her half time show and once again she didn't disappoint!

365 days of 50 said...

I love the photo.
I especially like the shades of blue.

Rochelle said...

The cafe scene looks very inviting. I like the Wintery reflections on the window contrasting with the warm social atmosphere inside.