Monday, April 23, 2012

Portraits of some artists..

I came across a treasure trove of images the other day....the Life image archives hosted by Google. Warning, it is really interesting, you can search for anything. I just wrote artist into the box and  these are just a smidgeon of what's available.What is really cool is that once you click on a picture, there are small thumbnail pics under "related images" and you can see more pictures  from the roll of film that had been shot. Here are some amazing extras of Marilyn Munroe, (click on the related images to see)
The picture above is Artist Pablo Picasso creating light drawing in Vallauris, France 1949, Photographer was Gjon Mili
Andy Warhol with his Barbie Doll, 1986, no photographer listed.
Marc Chagall painting in his studio, France1949, photographer Gjon Mili
Thomas Hart Benton and look who the photographer is...Alfred Eisenstaedt
Portrait of artist Alberto Giacometti surrounded by his sculptures. Paris, 1951, photographer Gordon Parks.
Artist Henri Matisse, seated in his bed, some of his work spread out before him, drawing in space w. light-tipped pen. It worked with Picasso so he thought he'd give it a go with Matisse:)  Gjon Mili. Taken in Nice, France, 1949.
80 year old Georgia O'Keeffe at her Mexican ranch. 1966, John Loengard


Cathy Olliffe-Webster said...

Just fantastic, these photos. They make my heart sing.

Anonymous said...

This picture tells me so much! I see a lonely job, and I also see a dedicated woman at work, and I see a time period that will never be again~ I see a feeling I get just looking at the picture...does that make sense? LOL ♥♥♥