Saturday, September 1, 2012

Vegan Anniversary

Wow, it has been a full year since I started eating a "plant based" diet. Last year on September 1st, I embarked on this new adventure and I can't believe a year has passed already! I really had no idea if I would stick with it, I just wanted to improve my health and see how I would feel.

Well......I feel great. I've lost about 30 pounds, my blood pressure is lower, my energy is higher and I am sure my cholesterol is lower too, must be, I am eating no animal fat (haven't had it checked) It is because of all these benefits that I am still with it.

 Interesting fact: I used to LOVE cheese and could not pass a block or slice without popping some into my mouth. At bookclub, everyone would have maybe one triangle of Brie.,,,..I'd have three and while we were chatting about the book,  I'd be thinking about the cheese on the plate and wondering if any one would notice if I took another one or two. Ha, ha true confessions. Now, cheese doesn't even remotely interest me!! Weird huh? I wonder if I was addicted to it?

I eat a ton of food and enjoy wine and beer. Do not feel deprived at all. I'm not saying I will never dig into a juicy burger or German sausage again but for now.....I'm doing ok.

Debbie, the Happy Healthy Librarian is really the person I have to thank for sending me along this path. She has a wonderful info packed blog all about plant based eating and healthy living! I've learned a ton from visiting her site. Here is her latest post about calorie restriction. I'm always learning something new from her!


Alice said...

Happy Anniversary! We have been a veggie family for almost four years now and definitely feel much better for it - for many reasons... we went to a vegan fair in London last week and discovered: which is a yummy alternative to brie ;-) Glad to hear you are feeling healthy and happy! x

Tee I said...

Happy Vegan-versary! And congrats on losing 30 pounds, that's fantastic. I felt the same way about cheese when I went dairy-free for a couple of years -- thought I'd never be able to live without it, but didn't take long for the craving to disappear altogether. I fell off the non-dairy wagon a while back, but still feel take-it-or-leave-it about cheese (and ice cream, etc). Kudos to you for sticking with it!

Fiona said...

Congrats - it does not seem that long since you mentioned it first! I could not really do that with so many other people in the house with all their different tastes. I will eat anything, but I do not think they could be persuaded, even my vegetarian!
I love the interesting recipes you have posted over the months, though. Feel free to keep that up!