Monday, March 31, 2014

Almost April

A splash of colour on my sideboard.  Wonderful how light can transform things. Today it is raining, and yesterday it was raining and tomorrow it will rain. Normally that would not thrill me but....we had a huge dump of snow last week and this rain will do it's best to make sure that it disappears and we can get on with the business of Spring!
I've been doing a few commissions lately and they have been fun. This was a request for two Siamese cats, some knitting, Autumn colours and no ocean....
 This one was a request for three cherished pets, one of whom has passed on.... I was given a rough idea of what they wanted and came up with this.. Riley's Moon
Both of these are now available as prints in my etsy shop, AliceinParis If you are interested in a commission, pleas contact me any time:)

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