Monday, May 5, 2014

A Quick Day in Chester

Hooray, Sunday was a day that almost felt like real Spring. It has been sooooo slooow in coming. Everything is lagging. Even the trees have hardly got any budding leaves. I had some work that needed attending to in Chester so I picked up my mom and off we went! First stop in the village was to check out Chez Glass Lass aka Kiln Art
I can't believe I've never been in their shop! One of my good market pals is part of the family that belongs to this lovely place. So full of light and colour and beautiful glass. Check out these plates!!! The centers are clear so they look like rings..
They design and create the work here in Chester and sell it worldwide. Complete entertaining sets, decorative pieces and functional ones as well..... I'd have a really hard time choosing.
Next stop was Going Coastal Gallery to drop off a couple of paintings. Robyn, the owner has a new daughter, Grace-Sea who is three months old, she will help her mind the gallery this summer:) 
I will be switching out work as it sells or doesn't sell throughout the year:)
Mum and I explored the village a bit, drooling at the gorgeous homes, many of which are empty at the moment waiting for their summer occupants. Sigh.
 Kiwi Cafe next for lunch..... one of my favourite spots for a bite to eat in Nova Scotia. In a few short weeks, that planter will be bursting with flowers!
I had a grilled brie, pear & arugula sandwich on orange raisin bread. nom nom. Sooo good. Next time I will try their veggie burger. People supposedly drive miles to come and have it!
On the way home we stopped at another fun and fave place. Mother Hubbard's Cupboard. It is a quirky place chock-a-block with antiques, art and collectibles.
Always something different here.. Can't decide whether I prefer the orange chair or...
the green chair...


lyndakiwi said...

It was lovely to see you and meet your Mum, glad you had a nice day!

aliceinparis said...

Hey ~lyndakiwi Always lovely to see you! Thanks for the delicious meal:))

Snap said...

What fun and everything so colorful.