Sunday, February 7, 2016

Amarylis! Ama Right?

It is that time of year! Beautiful blooming Amarylis everywhere. Such a gift when all around is frozen and white.These are South African flowers, exotic and rewarding. The rate that they grow is spectacular! You can almost hear them:) Alien and alive! I am fascinated by them and they always lift my spirits. Also... no need to throw them out when done!  They can easily bloom again with some help. Read here to learn how!
Peggy's Cove in the snow.... brrr. I wonder if each house has a blooming Amarylis inside dispensing warmth and cheer. I'm off to help shoot a music video this afternoon.Should be fun! Have a great day...xo

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Unknown said...

Beautiful photograhs this morning, it couldn't help but lift one's spirits. I am so enjoying having your posts return, I can only imagine how much of an effort it takes to do as well as your painting, but I want you to know I always look forward to the thoughtful & uplifting photographs that you bring into our world. Thank You.