Friday, April 1, 2016

18 Reasons Why Rainy Days are Great

Perfect day for hanging out in a cafe. Rain, rain, rain......
1. Cleans the dust and grime off your car, saving you a car wash
2. Makes the lawn green, flowers grow.
3. Nice and soothing to listen to as you fall asleep
4. Keeps wells from going dry
5. Makes it easier to get things done inside, no lusting for outside time
6. Puts out forest fires
7. You can wear red rubber boots
8. Gives water to wildlife
9. Nourishes crops
10. Great day to see movies or hang in a cafe or bookstore
11. Cools the air if it is warm, cleans it too
12. Fun to stick out your tongue and catch some drops
13. You get to open your umbrella
14. Less risk of skin cancer
15. Give us puddles to jump in
16. "Singing in the Rain" would not exist.
17. Pre and post rain skies make for great pictures!
18. Really makes you appreciate the sunshine when it arrives:)

Do you have any to add?

1 comment:

patti said...

On Sunday I was out with my granddaughter Eva, who is 6, and I was telling her about your list.

In our discussion, she wanted to add "rainbows" and "worms come out"
I wanted to add the "smell" of rain.

thanks for the reminder
patti xo