Tuesday, November 1, 2016

10,000 Steps

Soooooo..... 10,000 steps. At first glance you think jeeze that's a lot and then when you figure it out it hmmm, that doesn't seem so difficult...... but getting it done is! The breakdown is approximately 1000 steps for ten minutes of walking. 100 minutes of walking = 10,000 steps! 10,000 steps roughly equals 5 miles/8 km  a day. That is throughout your entire day. Putting it into practice is a whole other ball game! I thought I was active but when I looked back on my steps over the year..it averages out to 4500 daily! Yikes. (I am happy to say I've since managed bumped it up to 9,000) Now I just have to keep it there!

Side note: I don't have a fitbit or jawbone or any of those devices. I have an iPhone! My friend has a fitbit and one day we were discussing how it has transformed her activity level in a very positive way. She asked if I had an iPhone and then told me that there is a health app that comes with the phone, that tracks your steps! I had no idea! I had never even looked at that app. Well I had a look and was so surprised to see it had been counting all along. I realize I don't have it on me all the time but even adding an extra 1-2000 steps to compensate for that did not bring me to what is considered the minimum for good activity.
 This is a view snapped on my phone while walking on the Bayers Lake rails to trails path right in the heart of a busy Industrial/shopping area. I was doing some errands and squeezed in a 10 minute walk. They add up.

So I have been more mindful of my personal activity levels and am trying to get out for a good walk every day, parking farther from the grocery store, getting up from my computer and moving and generally squeezing in action where I can. I am feeling the benefits all ready. This site explains some of the advantages too. Really though.... it is just about moving more. We need to shake that booty! xo

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