Monday, January 30, 2017

Golden Ginger Tumeric Lemon Fire Tea!

It's that time of year.......sniff , sniff.....hack. This is my secret weapon and I am sharing it with you! My special healing tea elixir. Full of good stuff.
First fill a saucepan with water. Then take some ginger and grate a LOT into the water. For 4 cups maybe 3" of ginger; if you don't want to grate it you can cut into coins and drop into H2O. This is all to taste so if you like more ginger, add more next time or less.
This tea has a real zing and heat to it. I know this pic looks kind of weird but that's the grated ginger in the water. Next add 1/2 TBSP of organic Tumeric.
Whisk together. The spice floats on top.
Add a grated clove of garlic! Has great anti viral properties.
Squeeze half a lemon in it or more...
Then simmer it all for about five minutes.
Strain and enjoy with a tsp of maple syrup or honey for sweetener. If it is too strong, add some plain water to your cup. I also continue to add water to the main tea mixture through day and re-simmer as needed.  ( I also add a couple of cardamom pods to the tea as it simmers, but that is completely optional)
Beautiful Kick Ass Golden Immune Booster Fire Tea! Thank-you, thank you very much :)