Saturday, June 13, 2009


Flower Lane Cottage up for sale on eBay
I reworked this painting and prefer it much better now. Funny how just a few little things can alter the composition and make a picture more pleasing ( at least to me:)
The QiGong workshop is great. Continues all day today. Very interesting to hear the stories of some of the participants. A few have taken this course several times and continue their practice at home daily. Fibromyalgia sufferers who are almost pain free now. It has transformed their lives. Good stuff. There is a study ongoing at Dalhousie University looking into this that confirms what these people are saying. I am curious to see how it affects me, if I notice anything. I don't have Fibromyalgia but you know...there's always something:)

Sydney Crosby kissed the Stanley Cup! Our local boy, shining hockey star! He's actually the cousin of one of my daughter's close friends.

Hope you are having a great weekend:)

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Mickey (Michel) Johnson said... the re-worked print. it is gorgeous. have a great day and i hope you come back refreshed and full of spirit! xo, mickey

Valerie said...

the painting is so cheerful. love the bold colours!

Dani said...

Who doesn't want to live in that house !!'s beautiful...

Jessica S. said...

i just read this...cant believe i am a day late! if you do this again may i participate?

Sue McGettigan said...

Your paintings are wonderful, love your style!