Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Paul McCartney and You and Me:)

few things....
whee... big
GIVEAWAY with a twist!
Purchase a print from either of my shops.
AliceinParis or BroomhillPictures
Before July 9th
and you will be entered in a DRAW for a ticket to the
Paul McCartney, Wintersleep, Joel Plaskett "Halifax Concert on the Commons" Sat. July 11! His only stop in Canada.
For $23.50 (that includes the shipping) you get a lovely piece of art signed by me and really good odds at winning a ticket to see the show!

This is open to anyone who can make it to Halifax for the July 11th show. I will make arrangements with the winner to hand over the ticket on the 9th or 10th
If you blog about it, and let me know, I will give you another entry:) provided you have purchased a print:)

Also.......I have a new fan page on Facebook so feel free to join in the fun over there. I will use it for updates and news and bits and pieces:)
My friend, wilderness painter Mark Brennan has started one too:)


Mickey (Michel) Johnson said...

...cool...i want a print and i would love to attend any concert in halifax, but logistics prevent it a bit:) i visited marks page. i had a facebook page and you guys are making me reconsider it...i kept getting invites to figure out what kind of car i was...if i was a car and such, so i de-activated it...oh well, have fun! xo, mickey

Jemjoop said...

Hi Shelagh, Just wanted to pop over and say Happy Canada day :O) Jen

Unknown said...

print bought and blogged!