Friday, April 2, 2010

space wrangling

This is what my home feels like to me these days! I have been making progress at de-cluttering, Spring cleaning and paring down. Always a good feeling, but slow going because of all the other jobs distracting me! That pesky thing called making a living:) Hmm and today I think the sun is going to shine......another distraction but a welcome one! Picture taken at a shop in Mahone Bay.

Enjoy this quiet Good Friday.


Diana S said...

I know exactly how you feel! I've been trying to re-org my jewely studio for weeks now. It's such a mess, I have trouble deciding where to start.

Kathy said...

Now if you took that whole shop and turned it upside have a pretty close comparison to my house right now! :)

Bee Yourself Fabrics said...

I sure can relate to that! But I do find that when I organize my things I think a lot more clearly. But, that easier said than done!

I have nominated you for the Sunshine Award as I love to follow your blog. You can see it here..