Thursday, November 25, 2010

tea makes everything better.....

Celestial teapot:)
Sorry for the ranting earlier. Out of character but it did feel good getting it out! Nothing lke a good vent:) Had a cup of tea and calmed down. Still don't know anything, car in shop. Tomorrow we are going to "Homes for the Holidays". I get to satisfy my peeping Jill tendencies. Various private stately homes are decorated for the holidays and cheerful oglers pay to tromp through for charity.


Sapphire Green said...

I'm doing a similar tour, but in Vancouver with a couple of girlfriends this Sunday. I've gone a couple of times - it gets me in a more festive mood and I can sometimes 'borrow' some of the ideas. Christmas seems more special, the more events you can attend.

Unknown said...

I vented this morning and I do feel better. I'm having coffee instead of tea and lots of it. I can't wait to go on our annual Christmas light tour with some hot chocolate from Starbuck. Have a peaceful day.