Monday, April 25, 2011

green and gorgeous

Kale beautiful kale.... I've been trying to have a "green smoothie" on most days although weekends are usually a fail. I actually look forward to them now and can feel my body doing the happy dance as I slurp it down. I tend to pop in whatever I have, although it is usually the same stuff becasuse I always purchase the same things. 3-4 handfuls of kale, 1 orange, 1 carrot, handful of blueberries, tbsp. chia seeds, half a banana, a small tomato, celery and a splash of water or unsweetened almond milk. I whiz it up in my kitchenaide mixer and voila! Very thick and so good for me! Sometimes an apple goes in and some ginger, or parsley or strawberries or blackberries or...... you get the picture. mmm.

Last night my daughter was driving home from a friend's house and happened to notice a young man step out from some bushes and lob something at her. She had the presence of mind not to swerve and BAM! an explosion of wet and sticky and hard hit the passenger's side and then slimed the windows. She arrived home quite pissed and proceeded to go out and try to wash the car off.

Whatever it was, it scratched the paint down to the metal on the bar between the front window and passenger window. There were bits of eggshell too but not just egg. I wonder if it would have shattered the window if it had hit it directly? So glad that she kept her calm and it was not serious. She called the police to report it because she worried, what if it had been a senior citizen? They would have been terribly startled and might have gone off the road. She said she was lucky she saw the guy so had a bit of warning. Honestly, this stuff ticks me off!

So, today is a bit of grocery shopping, some canvas shopping, some post officing, some painting, and I hope some walking.... Have a great day.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Jeez, what kind of psycho lobs stuff at passing cars? Glad your daughter's okay.