Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ardmore Tea Room

The Ardmore Tearoom has been around since 1952 when Cormier Tennyson and his wife Norma decided to open a small restaurant on Liverpool Street. They named it after Lord Ardmore who used to own the district. The name is a bit of a misnomer because it is what I would consider a diner but that is part of it's charm.

It was so successful, they opened another place on Gottingen Street. In 1958, a small drugstore on the corner of Elm Street and Quinpool Road came up for sale. Here they could live upstairs and run the restaurant below. The Tennyson's purchased it, closed the other two diners and the rest is history!

Open seven days a week, the Ardmore has been serving food to high school students, taxi drivers, senior citizens, local joes, just about anybody and everybody for 53 years! A Halifax institution for sure. It is a small cozy place with no frills. The service is friendly and the food is inexpensive and tasty! It is cash only, so be forewarned.

This item always makes me laugh!

You can order delicious old fashioned milkshakes, roast turkey dinners, burgers, (veggie ones too), all the great food you'd expect from a successful diner. Worth a visit for sure! Come early for brunch on weekends, it is always really busy.

I was there with a good friend and lucky us, we had $20 dollar coupons to use. It was hard to spend $20 per person at the Ardmore! We each ended up ordering fish and chips to take home for the next day as well as our meals! I had a club sandwich with sweet potato fries. Sooooo good.
.....and another view because the first one was so delectable:)


jenna durling said...

i want those fries!!!

Daina Scarola said...

Me toooo!!! YUM

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I love places like this! They are increasingly rare and even more valuable because of it.

stampernancy@hotmail.com said...

I have driven by there so many times and thought about going in - will have now - and club sandwich is always my fav at the Big Stop so I'll to have that! thanks, Nancy

Anonymous said...

I saw an ad that said, "It's amazing what you find when
you stop searching." This for Atlantic Canada. Now I want to bring my husband up there and visit your town
(partly based on your photos), sometime:)

Susan said...

This place looks great, thank you for the little review. And those pictures just make me hungry! I will definitely go there during my next trip to Halifax. Also, if you come to Toronto, try to check some of these places.