Tuesday, November 15, 2011

He's here!

"So Much for Muffin's Bad Boy Personna", my first mini painting by Meaghan Smith!

I LOVE him. My morning was turning out to be one of those frustrating, "Gee whiz I can't seem to get ahead of myself days," when I heard the clunk of the mailbox and mailman leave. Ah respite! I popped down to see what sort of mail day it was going to be and I spied a wee white parcel from M. Smith. "M. Smith? Who in the world is that?" I had FORGOTTEN all about this little painting! Hooray, what a lift to my day. Isn't he an adorable fellow in a feisty, pissed-off sort of way?
Place of honour on my mantle. Thanks Meaghan.


Unknown said...

This is adorable. Meaghan was featured at a concert during our festival last year. She had a couple of her miniatures for sale. They were fun but none were as cute as this.

Moose said...

Tooooo cute! Check out my blog and maybe I'll send you a wee gift from Colorado. Tail Wags. ~moose

Kerry said...

Isn't he gorgeous? I imagine that's how any cat would look if forced into a jumper and bow tie to be painted. I'd never heard of Meaghan but, having looked through some of her work after reading this post, some of her things are definitely going on my Christmas wishlist. Lovely, lovely blog. Going on my 'read while drinking tea and procrastinating list' xo