Monday, November 21, 2011

My wee brother

Another fun picture, can't help myself! This is my brother!!!!!!! Taken some time in the early sixties. Kenneth was sooooo cute! There is just something about little boys in ties, and check out those freckles! He had a cowlick that he hated and it was carefully slicked down for this portrait.

I am always grateful for Monday. After a long weekend of work at the market it is so nice to work from home! I have a long list of "to dos" that never seems to diminish. Time to get cracking. Have a great week!


Cathy Olliffe-Webster said...

Are you KIDDING me? Can your brother be any cuter? I love, love, love these old snapshots you're posting. Makes my heart very happy!

Zara said...

Hi Shelagh, I came across your work and blog while perusing Etsy. I just love the print "Books and Friends Go Together" - it's so happy!

Best wishes :)

Moose said...

tooooooo cute, indeedy! Hope you enter Moose's give-away. Enjoy your day. Tail Wags. ~moose