Thursday, May 15, 2014

1963 Buffet Cookbook, 51 years ago....

I love old cookbooks, they are a glimpse into our past and sometimes a baffling and quite entertaining one:) I came across this Better Homes and Gardens book while doing a bit of Spring cleaning.
Of course I had to stop and browse through it and then of course I had to take some pictures and share...... the ubiquitous jelly mold!
 "Come to our gay red carpet buffet"
Here's a recipe my mom used to make and actually it is really good!
 Some of these guys would pass for hipsters today haha
And of course....Banana Prune cake! What would a buffet be without it:) Ok, better get back to cleaning. If you would like this cookbook with 110 recipes, leave yourr name under here and I will add it to the entries on my facebook page. Draw ends Sunday May 18 at midnight.


Rubye Jack said...

I love the old cookbooks and for those of us who are not gourmet cooks, or even cooks, the recipes in the old books were such that anyone could come up with a good tasting dish. And cheaply!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I suspect those "boys" at the "bachelors feast" were really going to the "gay red-carpet buffet," amirite?

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