Sunday, January 31, 2016

Last Day of January!

Point Pleasant Park in Halifax looking out to sea! This is one of the few paintings I have kept for myself:) A view I am very familiar with as many people here in Halifax are.

Winter is moving along. So far so good... not too cold, not too snowy, not too oppressive. Pots of veggie soup, boots left out to dry, and burrowing under warm covers at the end of the day have been par for the course.Trying to get motivated to paint has been hard. Not sure what is happening there! Once started, I enjoy it. (For the most part... as long as the image is shaping up the way I want it too, ha! ) Ive been doing lots of other things biz wise but the meat and potatoes have been pushed to the side for the last couple of months. Beans and potatoes!! I'm a Vegetarian :) Time to get back to the core of my business!!

What do you do to motivate yourself? How do you work towards your goals? What keeps you on track? The eternal questions.Those and many more....

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